You are invited to enter the world where elements of Ambient, Celtic, Electronica and World music combine to take you on an ethereal journey.


  • Jun 14: New album Voyager planned for release in July on the MG Music label based in the UK. The album was mastered by Patricia Sullivan (engineer for composers such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer and James Horner).

  • Mar 15: I've been offered a record deal for my new album Voyager by a new age label in the UK. There's also interest from one of the largest new age/world labels in the USA for one of my songs in a compilation album.
    Many thanks to all the amazingly talented people who worked on the album - Ian Cameron, Kelly Hood, Corbin Keep, Natalia Christiana, Patricia Sullivan and Jan Yrlund! Updates and release dates will be posted here.

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  • Visions and Dreams album is available at selected music stores worldwide and iTunes
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Visions and Dreams album

Song Genre Listen to MP3 (LEFT click on link)
Visions and Dreams Sampler Ambient/World Sampler of all songs on the album
Essence of Dreams Ambient Groove Special promo full song
Dancing in The Mist Celtic Electronica Sample
Evocation Ambient Groove Sample
One Autumn Day Celtic Pop Special promo full song
Secret Sanctuary Worldbeat Sample
Heart of Andalucia Classical Electronica Sample
Midsummer Twilight Chillout Sample
Incense Ambient Groove Sample
Rivulet Worldbeat Sample
In The Light of Day Celtic Orchestral Sample


Non-album songs

Single Glance (instrumental version) *** NEW *** Pop Rock Special promo full song
Single Glance Pop Rock Sample
The Bells of Birrarung (Federation Bells) Contemporary Classical Special promo full song
Metamorphosis Film Score Special promo full song
Voices of The Deep Ambient Pop Special promo full song
Visions and Dreams album

"Haunting and uplifting at the same time."
- Tim Ritchie, ABC Radio

"An amazing amalgam of Ambient, Celtic and World themes."
- R.J. Lannan, New Age Reporter

"Very nice indeed."
- Vic Sagerquist, Paramount Pictures

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