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Keyboard cables and pedals

To connect your keyboard to your computer, you'll need a MIDI cable and either a digital or analog cable. For background information on how to connect your keyboard, please see the Using a Keyboard with MIDI page.

MIDI cables

There are 2 types of MIDI cables. If you check your soundcard and see 2 ports for MIDI In and MIDI Out, then you need the standard MIDI cables. If your soundcard doesn't have these ports (common for non semi pro/professional soundcards), then you need a MIDI cable which will plug into the joystick port.

Audio cables

There are 2 main types of audio cables: digital and analog. To use a digital cable, both your keyboard and soundcard need to have digital ports. To check, look for a port labelled 'Digital Out' or 'S/PDIF Out' on your keyboard and soundcard. If your keyboard and souncard don't have these ports, you'll need a analog cable as your audio cable.

Keyboard pedals

Pedals are very useful for your keyboard playing. If you've played piano, you'll be familiar with the different types of pedals such as sustain and sostenuto. There are various types of pedals available for keyboards which plug into the 'Pedal' port of keyboard. A keyboard can have from 1 to 3 pedal ports. Check your keyboard manual to see what types of pedals are compatible with your keyboard. Usually, most keyboards will have at least a port for the sustain pedal.
  • Sustain pedal: used to hold a note without a key having to remain pressed, works in the same way as the sustain pedal on a piano
  • Expression pedal: used to change the volume of a note, useful to create expressive sounding strings, winds and brass sounds

MIDI cables ~ Audio cables ~ Sustain pedals ~ Expression pedals

MIDI cables

SignalFlex MIDI Cable: standard cable, various lengths available


MAudio Sound Card MIDI Adapter Cable: for soundcards with a joystick port but no MIDI In/Out ports


Audio cables

Monster Cable IDL100: digital cable (for S/PDIF coaxial port), various lengths available


Spectraflex Instrument Cable: analog cable (1/4 inch wide), various lengths available

Sustain pedals

Roland DP8: for Roland keyboards


QuikLok VFP125: compatible with most keyboards


Yamaha FC4: for Yamaha keyboards


Expression pedals

MAudio Expression Pedal: compatible with most keyboards with an expression pedal port


Roland EV5: for Roland keyboards


Yamaha FC7: for Yamaha keyboards


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