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Sound expansion boards for keyboards

Sound expansion boards can give you more sounds for your keyboards, whether you're looking for electronic, orchestral or other types of sounds. Sound expansion boards look similar to RAM cards, and are installed into the sound expansion slot/s on keyboards. Most semi pro and professional keyboards have from 1 to 4 expansion slots. When looking sound expansion boards, check that the board is compatible with your keyboard model by checking your keyboard manual.

To install the card, make sure that the power has been disconnected to your keyboard and then follow the manufacturer's instructions. If the expansion board doesn't seem to be working, the most common cause is that it hasn't been installed properly. Never force the expansion board into the slot, but make sure it's in firmly.

Most newer keyboards have expansion slots on the top of the unit, but some may have slots on the base. In this case, you can either try to install the card while the keyboard is on a stand, or turn the keyboard over and rest it on 2 piles of newspaper at each end. Try not to let the weight of the keyboard rest on the controls to avoid damaging them.

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Korg (for Triton)

Acoustic: Piano and Keys ~ Studio Essentials ~ Orchestral Collection

Electronic: Future Loop Construction ~ Dance Extreme ~ Trance Attack

Roland (for Fantom and other XV compatible keyboards)

Acoustic: Drums ~ Concert Piano ~ Studio SRX ~ Symphonique Strings ~ Complete Orchestra ~ World Collection ~ Big Brass ~ Complete Piano

Electronic: Supreme Dance ~ Ultimate Keys ~ Platinum Trax ~ Classic Electronic Pianos


Acoustic: Drums ~ Percussion
Electronic: Vintage FM Synth

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