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Keyboard stands, cases and covers

When choosing a stand for your keyboard, check the weight of your keyboard (in your keyboard manual) with the maximum weight that a stand can support. Semi pro and professional keyboards are often 5 or more times heavier than entry level keyboards, so it's important that you chooose a stand which can support the keyboard's weight.

It's a good idea to cover your keyboard when not in use with a keyboard cover, to prevent dust from getting into the controls and keys.

If you travel with your keyboard, a hard keyboard case with wheels can help protect your equipment from damage and make transporting it much easier.

Keyboard stands ~ Keyboard covers ~ Keyboard cases

Keyboard stands

QuikLok QL641 Pro Series Heavy-Duty X Keyboard Stand: for heavy keyboards


QuikLok Z12 Sit-Down Keyboard Stand: for light keyboards (up to 50 pounds)


Yamaha YKA7500 Pro X-Style Keyboard Stand: for Yamaha keyboards


QuikLok Z726 Double-Tier Z Keyboard Stand: supports 2 keyboards


Keyboard covers

Cover Your Axe KX700 Extra Large Keyboard Cover: for 88 key/7 octave keyboards


Cover Your Axe KX601 Large Keyboard Cover: for 76 key/6 octave keyboards

Cover Your Axe KX501 Medium Keyboard Cover: for 61 key/5 octave keyboards


Keyboard cases

SKB Large 88 Key Keyboard Case: with wheels, for 88 keys/7 octave keyboards


SKB Keyboard Case Universal 76 Key: with wheels, for 76 keys/6 octave keyboards

Gator GK261R Deluxe 61-Key Keyboard Case: with wheels, for 61 keys/5 octave keyboards


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