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As an independent musician, you have lots of opportunities to promote your music both online and offline including newspapers, magazines, radio, ezines, blogs and online music communities.

The resources below give you lots of tips and ideas on getting your music heard. I've used most of these books myself and they're very useful.


The Indie Bible: includes over 7000 publications, radio stations, services and websites to promote your music.

The Buzz Factor Music Marketing: many music marketing resources including bestsellers 'Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook' and 'Music Marketing Crash Course'.

The Musician's Internet: how to promote your music online and reach new audiences.

Songwriter's Market: includes over 1700 contacts for record companies and music publishers and interviews with established songwriters.

The Self Promoting Musician: tips on promoting your music on the internet and radio, press kits and live performances.

The Musician's Atlas: tips on promoting your music on the internet and radio, press kits and live performances.

Ruthless Self Promotion in The Music Industry: how to establish your image and produce promotional material .

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