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I created this page after receiving many messages from listeners wanting to learn how to create their own music and musicians wanting to develop their skills. I've answered the questions I've received under each topic.

I hope the links and advice will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to email me (please check this site first to see if your question has already been covered). More topics and tips will be added in the future, so please welcome to visit again.

Learning and Playing Music

Learning music: Keyboards ~ Music Theory (coming)
Equipment: Keyboards ~ Sound Expansion Boards ~ Cables & Pedals ~ Stands & Covers ~ User Guides


Recording and Producing Music

Guides: Using a Keyboard with MIDI ~ Sampling & Synthesizer Programming (coming)
Software - the basics: Sequencers ~ Notators ~ Software Studios ~ Sample & Loop Based ~ Software User Guides
Software - additional: Effects & Processors (coming)


Music Promotion and Music Business

Promotion: Promoting Music on the Internet, Press & Radio ~ Live Performance & Touring (coming)
Business: Music Business & Legal ~ CD Manufacturing & Distribution (coming) ~ Music Publishing (coming)



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