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Music software manuals and user guides

Whether you want to get started quickly with your new software, or you want to learn the advanced features of your current software, thse books and DVDs will be useful.

Sequencers: Cubase ~ Live ~ Logic ~ ProTools ~ Sonar/Home Studio
Notators: Finale ~ Sibelius
Software Studios: FL Studio/Fruity Loops ~ Reason
Loop Based : ACID ~ GarageBand
Effects & Processors: Sound Forge


ACID (Sony)

Instant ACID: book covering ACID Pro 5.

ACID Pro 6 Power: book. Other edition available for ACID 5.

Sony Seminar Series - Professional ACID Pro 5: DVD guide.

ACID Pro 6 Video Training Course: Video guide.

Cubase (Steinberg)

Cubase SX 3 Overdrive: book.

Practical Recording 3: Cubase SX/SL: book and CD ROM set.

MIDI Editing in Cubase: book.

Cubase SX 3 CSI Master: CD ROM.

Cubase SL/SX X Overdrive: book.

Fast Guide to Cubase SX: book.

Cubase SX3 Level 1: DVD. 2 other editions available for more advanced topics.

Finale (eMedia)

Finale: An Easy Guide to Music Notation: book.

Finale for Composers : book.

FL Studio/Fruity Loops (Image Line)

Fruityloops - The Ultimate Electronic Virtual Music Studio: book. Note, the name of this software has been changed to FL Studio in newer versions.

FL Studio in Use : book.

GarageBand (Apple)

Apple GarageBand 3 Video Training Course: DVD.

Apple Training Series - GarageBand 3: book. Beginner to intermediate level.

Keep It Simple with Garageband: book. intermediate level.

Live (Ableton)

Ableton Live 5 CSi Master: CD ROM.

Ableton Live 5 Power: book.

Ableton Live 5 Tips and Tricks: book.

Making Music with Ableton Live: book.

Ableton Live Tutorial: DVD.

Logic (Apple)

Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7: book covering both versions of Logic 7.

Apple Pro Training Series: Advanced Logic Pro 7: book covering the more advanced features.

Logic 7 Ignite: book.

Making Music with Logic Pro : book.

Logic 7 for Mac OS X: book.

Logic Level 1 Collection: DVD guide set.

ProTools (Digidesign)

Mixing and Mastering With Pro Tools: online course with Berklee College of Music. Intermediate to advanced level. Learn how to use compression, reverb and mastering techniques.

Pro Tools 101 Official Courseware: book.

Pro Tools 7 Power: book

Pro Tools for Musicians and Songwriters : book.

DigiDesign Pro Tools 7 Video Training Course: DVD guide.

Producing in the Home Studio with Pro Tools: book.

Reason (Propellerhead)

Reason 3 Power: book.

Reason 3 Ignite: book.

Reason 3 for Windows and Macintosh: book.

Reason 3 : The Complete Course: book.

Power Tools for Reason 3.0: book.

Reason 3 Overdrive: book.

Reason 3 CSi Starter: CD ROM (entry level).

Reason 3 CSi Master : CD ROM (advanced level).


Sibelius - A Comprehensive Guide: book. Release date Jan 2007.

Sonar/Home Studio (Cakewalk)

SONAR 5 CSi Master: CD ROM. Other edition available for Sonar 4.

Sonar 5 Ignite: book. Other editions available for previous versions of Sonar.

SONAR 5 Overdrive: book.

SONAR 5 Power: book. Other editions available for previous versions of Sonar.

Cakewalk Sonar 4/5 VTC Training: CD ROM.

Focal Easy Guide to Cakewalk Sonar: book.

Sound Forge (Sony)

Sound Forge 8 Power: book.

Sony Sound Forge 8 VTC Training: CD ROM.

Sony Sound Forge 8 Interactive: CD ROM.

Sound Forge: Professional Power Tools for Editing Audio: DVD guide.

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