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Software studios / Virtual studio software

Software studios allow you to work with 'virtual' synthesizers, samplers and drum machines. If you make dance/electronic music or enjoy synthesizer programming and making your own beats, this type of software would suit you.

Software studios are also known as soft synth workstations and virtual studios. The software studios listed below have MIDI capability.

FL Studio/FruityLoops ~ Project5 ~ Reason ~ Reason Sound Expansions ~ Storm

FL Studio (Image Line)

FL Studio 6 Producer Edition: entry level version.

FL Studio 6 XXL: semi pro to professional version.

Project5 (Cakewalk)

Project 5 Version 2

Reason (Propellerhead)

Reason 3

Reason Refills

Refills give you more sounds to use with your Reason software
Miroslav Orchestra: Gold Bundle (Complete Orchestra) ~ Brass ~ Choir ~ Percussion & Keys ~ Solo Strings ~ String Ensembles ~ Woodwinds

Other: Strings ~ Drums ~ Sonic Reality (acoustic & electronic sounds, drums)

Storm (Arturia)

Storm 3

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