Stations in Germany playing Catherine's music

Area Program
Bayerischer Rundfunk (various frequencies) Bayern
ColoRadio 98.4/99.3FM Dresden
Freies 99.2FM Stuttgart
Fritz 102.6FM Potsdam
HSF Studentenradio 98.1FM Ilmenau
Oldenburg Eins 106.5FM Oldenburg
Radio Aktix 89.6FM Mannheim
Radio Blau 99.2FM Leipzig
Radio CT 90FM Freiburg
Radio Dreyeckland 102.3FM Freiburg
Radio Neckarburg 104.6FM Eschbronn-Mariazell
Radio Rheinwelle 92.5FM Wiesbaden
Radio T 102.7FM Sachsen
Radius 92.1FM Siegen
Radio Uniradio Tübingen 96.6FM Tübingen
University Radio 97.2FM Berlin


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