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SongDoor: review of Remember When...
"The title sets us up to expect something nostalgic-sounding, and you delivered. The dreamy, ephemeral quality of the production is gorgeous. This is a super-easy sync license for a film or TV project with a retro theme. It’s very '80s-like and we all heard it as a film score/theme. The feeling of movement/traveling is upbeat yet still a little wistful. It's a very satisfying piece to listen to. The main theme is very memorable, and the variations are as well. It's wonderfully constructed - the key modulation at 2:38 was a wise choice. We could listen to it all day. Don’t touch a thing. Well done!"

R+: review of Remember When...
"The dialogue between the synth and the guitar is remarkable since it transmits direct emotions."

Plastic Mag: review of Remember When...
"Really cool track, the composition is great on this and the production is good too."

Indie Music Plus: review of Remember When...
"The artists involved are at the top of their craft. Catherine Duc is an artist I'm putting on my list. I can't wait to hear more from her!"

MemelistasMX (Spotify curator): review of Remember When...
"Great track!!! The instrumentation is really good, loved the 80s/retro vibes on it."

Alpas Records (Spotify curator): review of Remember When...
"Nice flowing rhythm and driving bass and the melodies and scifi vibe is quite catchy!"

El Gurú de la Música (Spotify curator): review of Remember When...
"It's something new."

VFame (Spotify curator): review of Remember When...
"It's a very mellow tune but with some guitar touches and some other effects it becomes a bit more striking. It's a nice instrumental tune with good background effects."

Indie Criollo: review of Remember When...
"Remember When... is the latest from Catherine Duc, who joins the Swede Jonas Isacsson, in a song that moves through our heads as if it were a point of euphoria that will always ask us for active moments of pleasure wherever we go. The desire for this song is immense and fleeting, like a stroke of luck towards our body, without anything stopping us from shining in the fullness of each sound in this work. What we find here is a very clear attitude of enjoying the synthwave to the peak of our sensations."

MP3 Hugger: review of Remember When...
"Makes for a big and bold opening, felt like we were on the fringes of something ambitious and it must be said very 80's influenced. That particular characteristic is clear in both the synths and riffs. Boy does it fill the room in which it finds itself played in. Reminded me of Mike Oldfield at times."

Eric McLellan (former director at Sire/Warner Records): review of Remember When...
"Really vibey and cinematic. Excellent backing music."

Kane FM: review of Remember When...
"Another great tune! Reminds me a lot of The 1975. Keen to hear more as always!"

Diggin Radio Show: review of Remember When...
"Nice production. Bright."

Reza Safinia: review of Remember When...
"It's a cool track."

Loudness: review of Remember When...
"Great atmosphere and excellent guitar work. Lots of details and lots of nice little melodies. We applaud your work."

Liquid Sounds: review of Remember When...
"I really like the atmosphere that this track creates. The tune is soothing to listen to and the production is dope. This is awesome!"

Turtlenek: review of Remember When...
"Beautiful synths! Keep up the great work!"

American Pancake: review of Remember When...
"Awesome, catchy and atmospheric, appreciate the production."

Indie Music Nation: review of Remember When...
"Organic sound, I like the 80's nostalgia."

City Random: review of Remember When...
"Cool production! I like the guitar harmonies, nice ambience, very atmospheric."

Nagamag: review of Remember When...
"Beautiful harmonics, especially the intro one."

Husky Tunes: review of Remember When...
"We love how it sounds and your vibe. Guitars were great!"

A&R Factory: review of Remember When...
"A synth-crafted ambient nostalgia hit that will allow you to drift back to the 80s via the soaring guitars and delicately arranged glassy synths.."

Mishka DJ: review of Remember When... (in Russian)
"Damn stylish sound, dreamy 80s spirit and virtuoso guitar solos. The perfect track for a romantic synth party or an evening with your loved one."

Zero Music Magazine: review of Remember When...
"Beautiful and cinematic. It sounds more like a film score than a pop song."

Steve Sheppard Music Reviews: review of Remember When...
"A wonderfully addictive new single... simply idyllic."

We Write About Music: review of Remember When...
"With the production being at an absolute all time high, the soaring and delicately placed guitar riffs featured by Jonas, and just every other aspect being on point, we have no choice but to overwhelmingly recommend a listen."

Please Pass The Indie: review of Remember When...
"Calling upon the stylings of classic Retro-Synthwave music, this track thrives in remembering happier days... delightfully expressive. A unundeniably cool song that will make you feel awesome."

Visual Atelier 8: review of Remember When...
"Nice melodies, well arranged and well produced. The main sound is clean and dynamic. the drum line is solid."

Earmilk: review of Remember When...
"The production has a dreamy and nostalgic feel, well crafted too."

Find Your Sounds: press release for Remember When...

Electric Mode: press release for Remember When...

WootMag: press release for Remember When...

Delicious Beach Radio: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix) for Ben Hobbs by Simon Macatis
"This is a great peace of art. I really like your interpretation."

Music City SongStar: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"From the very first moment, I was intrigued and definitely wanted to listen to more. Your idea is fresh and unique in the way you conveyed your theme. The music in your song is interesting and compelling. Such a cool vibe too!"

Beat Lab Radio: review of Blind to You (Stargazing Remix)
"Beautiful vibes. Super warm. Love the tune."

Happy & Uplifting Pop: review of Blind to You (Stargazing Remix)
"Pretty good anthemic and uplifting song and production. It has a nice balance between synth indie dance elements and a more mainstream sound which I find compelling."

Music Talks: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix) by Simon Irvine (Australia)
"This is a solid track. Catherine Duc obviously understands her craft and has produced a remix here that both pays homage to and moves beyond its source material."

RKJ Music: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Very nice remix. I will definitely add this wonderful track to my channel."

Neptis: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Love the synth energy here."

EDM Charts: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Well produced."

Tall Dragon: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"I like the production style and the idea is cool."

Liquid Sounds: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"This is very well produced and you've definitely got much talent."

Casablanca Sunset: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Like the tempo and some of the smoother instrument melodies."

ChillYourMind: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"The atmosphere on this track is amazing."

Clown Music: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"What an amazing tune, great melodies."

Uranium Waves: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Great production. It sounds very fluid."

Heroic Music: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"This song has a really nice chilled vibe to it, the harmonies/melodies in the vocals are pretty to listen to."

Cheers to The Vikings: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Good work you, are skillful artists we can see."

Sleepy Wolf: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"The remix is pretty nice and I can see the melody production is really nice."

Cassiopeia: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"It's an atmospheric track, nice vocal."

Kane FM: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Like the vibe and the production quality is on point!"

Mugatunes: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Pretty dope spin on the original."

MrRevillz: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Nice record. Liked the vocal and general feel of the track."

Plastic Mag: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Nice remix, liking the overall sound on this."

Iggy Magazine: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"The song is good and well produced."

CULTR: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Love the track."

EKM Co: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"A great smooth blend of Indie Pop, Chillout and Downtempo, the use of the vocal is excellent, great fluid track, very easy-listening and soothing energy."

EKM Hunters: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"The song has a nice ambient beat."

The Drunken Coconut: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix) by Ariel & Ryan (Canada)
"Amazing work on this one! Look forward to hearing more! This chill step remix brings a relaxed atmosphere full of soft strings, piano ballads, crisp percussions and euphonic synths. This is the ultimate chilled vibe remix of Blind to You. This remix is absolutely perfect in every way. You are going to love it!"

CloudKid: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix) by Yiannis
"Some great ideas in here, production was good."

Dance-Charts: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix) (Gemany)
"Very good production, great vocals."

Great Random Music: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Personally enjoyed it."

Do The Dance Playlists: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)
"Very well produced and classy, it has something making me really crave for Summer... good job!"

Anne Carlini Exclusive Magazine: review of Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix) for Ben Hobbs by Russell Trunk (USA)
"Catherine Duc, a Grammy-nominated composer and producer has taken Ben Hobbs' beautiful song and embedded a stunning gossamer of breathy ambiance and soaring light to it. It truly has to be heard." [click link above for full review]

Sora Music: feature on Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix) for Ben Hobbs (Thailand)

YT Pop Music Channel: featured artist

GLOBAL: review of Blind to You (Stargazing Remix)
"Pretty chill, I like the vocals as well."

EDM Ranks: feature on Blind to You (Stargazing Remix) (remix for Ben Hobbs) (USA)

Indie Spoonful: review (USA)
"Ben Hobbs and Catherine Duc, two heavy-hitters in the music scene, have teamed up for an EDM song. Right from the start, the remix is top-notch standing toe-to-toe with charting EDM...spellbinding." [click link above for full review]

The Indie Music Reporter: feature (USA)

Hammarica: feature (USA)

Broadpals: feature (Malaysia)

Mark Weber Music Blog: review of Drive (remix for Paloma Rush) by Mark Weber (USA)
"It sounds fresh - the kind of song I'd listen to while traveling on I-95 in Miami." [click link above for review]

That Drop: feature of Intimacy (remix for The Corrs) (USA)
"We love the passionate and soulful vocals with the delicate ambient samples you weaved in to enrich the original track. Great work giving Intimacy your majestic and alluring touch." [click link above for feature]

Shine On Hollywood: feature (USA)
"Catherine has been nominated for various prestigious awards, including the Grammy earlier this year in the New Age category. Her work has been described as rich and delicious with a cornucopia of ingredients that blend into flavors that are unique and refreshing" [click link above for feature]

The Australian Songwriter: member news #114 (Australia)
Post Grammy update [click link above for review]

The Australian Songwriter: member news #112 (Australia)
Pre Grammy update [click link above for review]

Zone Music Reporter: review by R J Lannan (USA)
"I would encourage every listener who likes Clannad, David Arkenstone or Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning to pick up this album. Catherine Duc proves herself to be not only a superb storyteller, but a brilliant musician and arranger." [click link above for review]

Writings By Serge Kozlovsky: review by Serge Kozlovsky (Belarus)
"It is not accidentally that the album Voyager was nominated for a Grammy Award. Its beauty gives you a power to live on and to feel all the unbelievable beauty of the surrounding world." [click link above for review]

Sounds Behind The Corner: review by Nicola Tenani (Italy, in Italian)
"Eleven voyages between seas and gentle breezes, sunny, over time, throughout the ages, in the desire to maintain a strong bond of world music with those who still can indulge in it with serenity." [click link above for review]

Peek-A-Boo: review by William Lienard (Belgium, in Dutch)
"You hear exotic instruments and melodies in her compositions that take you to Irish pubs, East European steppes, monasteries in the high Himalayas or mysterious places of worship in the late Middle Ages. In other words, the material is varied and very diverse in terms of interpretation, and so the conclusion is that Voyager is a nice, balanced and strong album that one takes with him (or her) to the magical land where all dreams come true." [click link above for review]

Exclusive Magazine: review by Russell A. Trunk (USA)
"Catherine Duc is not only a musical artist of the highest order, but a creator of visions that sweep your mind in the most colorful, breathtaking ways. Here on her new album, Voyager, Duc once again takes us on a musical journey through her unique world of ambient, Celtic, electronica and World music. Duc's talents as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist means that she always brings her A game to the recording process." [click link above for review]

Artic Mist: review by Jorge Sergio (Spain, in Spanish)
"The musical alchemy that is in Voyager is amazing. Voyager invites us, on a journey through different cultures and countries. Certainly the ability to Catherine Duc for a balance between classic and contemporary arrangements instrumentation is admirable." [click link above for review]

Gracie Productions: review of Single Glance digital single (genre: guitar pop-rock) by Tony Bucher (USA)
"I really like your voice! The chorus on this song is VERY catchy. This song is a throwback to the sounds of the 70s and 80s which is a very cool thing... I definitely look forward to hearing more from you. You have a lot of talent!"

Music Dish: review of Single Glance digital single (genre: guitar pop-rock) by Eric de Fontenay (USA)
"Single Glance is a lyrically and musically solid mid tempo love song that is so catchy, it's almost contagious. A fun song, 'Single Glance' was produced by UK producer, Stuart Epps who has worked with renowned artists including Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison and Robbie Williams. Duc's breathy vocal style is reminiscent of Melody Gardot, and her vocal performance on this cut it perfect. It's pop with a definite country twist to it, and great hooks and breaks. The harmonies are well done, and it's a very well-produced track that has driving guitars and rhythms, layered with melodic keyboards. While it's about the attraction one feels from a single glance, the song itself is suitable for any occasion from hanging with friends to cruising in the car or just lifting your mood on a rainy day. Duc scores big with this track, which pop and country music lovers will adore."

Single Glance was also featured in the Pop section of the Music Industry News Network site.

The Music Feed: review by Luke Dailey (USA)
"Australian composer Catherine Duc manages to convey a sense of accomplished artistry even before listening to her music. She's compared to brilliant artists like Royksopp, and Phillip Glass. Catherine swallows you whole with a fully realized music landscape. It’s art of the highest order."

Sounds Behind The Corner: review by Nicola Tenani (Italy, in Italian)
"Between burning of incenses, evaporated scents, to the search of essences of worlds always others, this is in the style of Enya, Enigma, Deep Forest or Delerium. It transmits harmony and positivity to all listeners. We recommend it."

Skope Magazine: review by Jimmy Rae (USA)
"Catherine Duc will guarantee to put your entire self at ease with her world full of joy, wonder and happiness. If this Australian artist can’t relax you and make you forget about life for a minute, then I don’t know who or what will."

Longe Magazine: feature (USA)
Original press releases of Visions and Dreams featured. Scanned extract of hardcopy magazine also available.

Target Audience Magazine: album review by Jerel Johnson (USA)
"Catherine Duc is a very talented artist with her own unique spin on world music with a talent for taking diverse elements and making it work." [click link above for review]

Raised on Indie (USA)
Essence of Dreams selected as track of the day.

PDX Reviews: album review by Phil Adams (USA)
"Your music is amazing. One Autumn Day and In The Light of Day are incredible."

New Reviews: album review (UK)
"Catherine Duc seems to be hot news on the instrumental scene, and with good reason. People who are into their instrumental music will be thoroughly impressed with the diversity of instrumentation and influence that this album offers." [click link above for review]

Dark Room Magazine: album review by Nicholas Tenani (Italy, in Italian)
"The sonorous world of Catherine is immense and sensitive...class with refinement and taste. Every piece succeeds to evoke beatiful landscapes." [click link above for review]

Indie Music Digest: album review by Cyrus Rhodes (USA)
"Some truly impressive moments. Catherine Duc is a brilliant composer, and if you are a fan of all things ambient you should dive head first into Visions and Dreams as soon as possible." [click link above for review]

Women's Radio: album review by Brian Ball (USA)
"Visions and Dreams speaks to the listener on deeply intimate levels by way of (mainly) instrumental fantasies that touch on boundaries of trip hop, ambient, world, experimental, classical and contemporary - all while maintaining a keen sense of musical integrity and pioneering edge."

Celtic Rock: album review by Jessy (Germany)
"For friends of relaxation and any meditations in the sunshine one can present Vision and Dreams confidently." [click link above for review]

Radio Australia Australian Bite (Australia):
"A blend of Celtic and world melodies with electronica and atmospheric soundscapes." [click link above for review]

Muzik Reviews: album review by Dennis Mersmann (USA)
"If you’re already a fan of worldbeat or ambient (any similar genre) then this album is definitely a worthy addition." [click link above for review]

Snob's Music: album review by Peter Kearns (Canada)
"Where Duc does stand out from many New Age musicians in that several of her tracks are actually catchy. Catherine Duc's music is as good an example of New Age as any I've had the occasion to hear." [click link above for review]

El Retorno Del Gigante: album review by Gustavo Bolasini (Spain)
"Standing out is the fascinating 'Incense' with an ethnic Arabic touch and great sonorous dramatic quality and the gorgeous 'In The Light of Day' with delicate and stirring orchestral adjustments developing to a charming Celtic melody. A good work of this artist, effective instrumentalist and original composer Catherine Duc. " [click link above for review]

Faeries and Angels Magazine: album review by Adrienne Dumas (USA)
"Visions and Dreams by Catherine Duc is a relaxing and purely hypnotic CD that takes the listener on a beautiful musical journey. We at "The Faeries and Angels Magazine" highly recommend adding this CD to your collection of New Age and meditative music!" [click link above for review]

Reflections of Darkness: album review by Sebastian Huhn (Germany)
"Visions and Dreams is pure ambience and mood. Every single song on its own takes you on a journey. Everybody who’s having a soft spot for moody ambient music replete with natural instruments of all kinds won’t be disappointed." [click link above for review]

The Celebrity Cafe: album review by Courtney Thompson (US)
"Visions and Dreams takes you on an ethereal and exotic journey through instrumentals, influenced by Electronica and World beats stemming from Ireland and Latin America. If you like Enya and the Pure Moods compilations, then you can’t miss Visions and Dreams." [click link above for review]

Nightwaves: (Canada)
"Exquisite and a joy to listen to. Highly recommended for fans of Enya, Deep Forest, Ennio Morricone and the Tea Party." [click link above for review]

Indie Music Review Net: album review by Gary Levinson (Germany)
"Visions and Dreams is a high-quality new age album which brings a bit of peace and tranquility to today’s ever-tenser world." [click link above for review]

Lone Reviewer: album review by André Jackson (Germany)
Note: written in German. [click link above for review]

First Coast Community (USA)
"Soothing and relaxing music." [click link above for full review]

Music To Work To: album review by F.J. Ubalde (USA)
"I highly recommend this CD to anyone thirsting for fresh new music not heard everyday. This is definitely music for the heart and soul." [click link above for full review]

She Unlimited (USA)
"Visions And Dreams is an album by one of today's truly gifted, experienced and musically diverse artists, Catherine Duc, and she has excelled. You the listener will gain something. Highly recommended." [click link above for full review]

Bella Online: album review by Shelia M. Goss (USA)
" I not only found the CD relaxing, but motivating. If you're trying to work on something creative, listening to Visions and Dreams can help spark those creative juices." [click link above for full review]

Rambles: album review by Sherrill Fulghum (USA)
"Duc has molded new age forms and numerous musical styles from around the world -- Middle and Far Eastern, Celtic, Native American, etc. -- with ambient sounds to create some beautiful melodies with flawless perfection." [click link above for full review]

Indie Music Group: album review by Doug Morris (USA)
"I would strongly urge you to buy this album if you enjoy New Age music. You can't go wrong with this one!" [click link above for full review]

Vibe Rate: album review by Jim Mullen (USA)
"Catherine Duc's inaugural offering, Visions and Dreams, serves as the soundtrack of a serene journey through distant, yet overlapping, times and space. Each song is it's own destination on this delightful sonic trip. Like an amazing storyteller who structures their tales with an open-endedness that allows the reader to come to their own, either preamble or, conclusion, this talented songstress does the same with her music." [click link above for full review]

Sonic Curiosity: album review by Matt Howarth (USA)
"Duc's multi-instrumental delivery produces music of soft and earthy sentiments. Her compositions are tranquil and possess heart that communicates without lyrical content. Engaging melodies are keynote here, spurning flash and pomp and going for sonic sincerity." [click link above for full review]

Luna Cafe: album review by Anna Maria Stjärnell (Sweden)
"Many others are attempting a similar sort of sound, but few are as adept at it as Duc is. Her debut sees her establish a style she can be proud of." [click link above for full review]

Music Industry News Network ( (USA)
Front page feature about Los Angeles Music Awards, December 2006.

Maximum Ink: album review by Andrew Frey (USA)
"An amalgamation of worldwide musical rhythms and melodies that are subtly and sublimely cajoled into a contemporary ambient musical epiphany."

Arctic Mist: album review in Spanish by Jorge Sergio (Spain)
"Visions And Dreams is an exultant, full disc of light with evocative melodies. It mixes so many different styles that he is difficult not to be surprised by the coherence that it shows as a whole." [click link above for full review]

New Artist Radio: album review by Phillip Hardy (USA)
"Visions and Dreams is an accomplished work of modern instrumental music that is melodic and relaxing to the soul. The sound production is professional, the arrangements are dynamic and the World beat essence of different countries evokes many moods and images." [click link above for full review]

Artist, Repertiore and International Licensing (Australia)
"As an award winning composer, Catherine Duc has an achieved an excellent cohesive tone... a truly inspired collection of work." Essence of Dreams is also on the compilation CD that's packaged with the magazine. [for full review see A&R Magazine issue #25] album review by Mike Stier (USA)
"Rating: 5 stars. Her music is graceful and majestic with an invasive sweeping grandeur all the while utilizing an array of electronic instruments, leaving you with a feeling of empowerment." [click link above for full review]

Indie Music: album review by Catherine L. Tully (USA)
"Visions and Dreams pleased me immensely. With Celtic overtones and an electronica feel that ranges from relaxing to uplifting, this CD is a winner." [click link above for full review]

Morpheus Music: album review by Paul Jury (UK)
"Exotic fantasy compositions that draw on elements of Celtic, global mood music and melodic ambient." [click link above for full review]

Media Search: album review by Anna Kosmanovski (Australia)
Each song on the album is a perfectly crafted journey. The Melbourne based artist paints a picture with her array of ambient sounds, Celtic music influence, all glazed with an other worldly sounding electronic base." [click link above for full review]

International Online Music: album review by Colin Lynch (USA)
"I hope that music lovers and appreciators everywhere get a glimpse of what I have from this remarkable piece of work from a remarkably accomplished musician composer." [click link above for full review]

Mondo Blu: album review by Paul De Micheli (Spain)
"There is a clear sense of cohesion to the CD, so that you come away with the impression that you are being guided along the journey through Duc's personal soundscapes. Inspired and inspiring." [click link above for full review]

Ocean View Press: album review by Rob Watts (USA)
"Catherine Duc invites the listener along with her on a journey of relaxation and imagination. This is an album that truly deserves to be experienced." [click link above for full review]

Nature and Health magazine: featured CD of June/July 2006 edition (Australia)
"Australian musician Catherine Duc has created an enchanting CD."

Prediction: featured CD of the month (UK)
"There is much for the ambient music fan here... This album gets a big thumbs up from us." Rated 'superb'. [for full review, see Prediction magazine May 2006 issue].

First Coast News: album review by Paul Zimmerman (USA)
"A beautiful album of intricate and blissful sounds that is a journey worth taking." [click link above for full review]

Amazing Sounds: album review by Alejandro Hinojosa (Spain)
"An album that no doubt deserves an attentive listening." [click link above for full review] review by music editor (USA)
"It's hardly surprising that this Melbourne composer has a film degree, her ambient soundscapes could easily find their way onto a movie soundtrack: a coming-of-age tale, say, set in a mysterious foreign land, with Duc's mix of Celtic folk winds, lush synth washes, and pulsing percussion underlining a dramatic meeting of cultures."

Wavelength: album review by Tyrone Warner (Canada)
"Each track is a carefully crafted atmosphere composed of a unique and articulate language which tells a story full of images and emotion... a master at composing and performing." [click link above for full review]

Top40-Charts: news feature (USA)
"Duc blazes trails for New Age music on her new album, arriving at a novel and intoxicating blend of Celtic and ambient music. This is music to take note of." [click link above for full review]

Muse's Muse: album review by JJ Biener (Canada)
"While touching on Celtic, New Age and Ambient genres, Catherine has produced a series of pieces that embody the best aspects of each of these styles. They are well written, well produced and they are accessible to the casual listener... She consistently constructs musical pieces of depth and complexity that capture the imagination and compel the listener's attention." [click link above for full review]

Nightflying Entertainment Guide: album review by Doug Treadway (USA)
"Ah, the new world . a land of visions and dreams and softly lilting melodies . you know, it's hard to find words to describe this music as it is almost too ethereal for words. You just have to listen to it and get lost."

Wind and Wire: album review by Bill Binkelman (USA)
"An excellent debut album. Catherine Duc should garner plenty of attention from lovers of infectious rhythm-laden new age or chill-out music." [click link above for full review]

Times of Acadiana newspaper: album review by Arsenio Orteza (USA)
"There's New Age music you notice and New Age music you don't. What places this album among the former is the verve that Catherine Duc brings to a genre that's now more than a quarter century old." [click link above for full review]

Collected Sounds: album review by Amy Lotsberg (USA)
"The melodies are refreshing and lovely. The songs range from Celtic to electronica and other realms in between." [click link above for full review]

New Age Reporter: album review by R.J. Lannan (USA)
"I knew after one minute of play that I was going to like this stuff. Visions and Dreams the newest album by Catherine Duc is an amazing amalgam of Ambient, Celtic and World themes. This is animated waves of beauty and light and fire." [click link above for full review]

Melliflua: album review by Dene Bebbington (UK)
"It's clearly an album by someone who knows where they're coming from in terms of influences, and who knows how to make use of it in their own style. This is a very accessible album that has a commercial feel, which should give it an appeal to a wide audience." [click link above for full review]


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Chaos Control: interview with Bob Gourley about the creative and recording process on 'Visions and Dreams' and my upcoming album (USA)

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The Current State of The Australian Music Industry: interview about using MySpace for independent music (Australia)

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Wiki Music Guide: interview with Abby (Phillipines)

Arctic Mist: short Interview with Jorge Sergio (Spain)

IOM Magazine: interview with Colin Lynch talking about my music influences, career and plans (Canada)
"My earliest and main influences were ambient-groove artists like Deep Forest and Enigma... I was fascinated at how they mixed world music with modern rhythms and synthesizers and this inspired me a lot with my music." [click link above for full interview]

Australian Music Online: talking about the making of my album and Australian music (Australia)

Voices and Visions: short interview with Sandy about my musical influences (USA)

Dainty World Beat: interview with Thomas Lau about the making of Visions and Dreams (Germany)

Comments from the media and music industry

Name: Billy Thin - Songshooter Song of The Day(USA)
Comments: We like her. This one (Single Glance) has a kind of Fleetwood Mac thing to it.
Name: Paul MacArthur - Host, Celtic Radio Network (USA)
Comments: Your new CD is really sweet. It is definitely deserving of a Grammy award.
Name: Eddie Gordon - DJ, producer & music journalist (USA)
Comments: Lovely album. It reminds me of Lisa Gerrard's work.
Name: Diane Arkenstone - Composer, singer & multi-instrumentalist (USA)
Comments: Your music is more gorgeous than ever!
Name: John Iverson - Host at CKUW FM radio (Canada)
Comments: Your album is great! I placed it at #1 on my August Zone Music Reporter report!
Name: Peter Hammond - Host at 2MAX FM radio (Australia)
Comments: What an extraordinary, marvellous and wonderful CD Voyager is. I’ve been captivated by it right from the start.
Name: Brian Putzier - Host of Our Place radio (USA)
Comments: I processed the new album Voyager. Have you listed as a featured artist.
Name: Sherry Finzer - Host of Heart Dance radio (USA)
Comments: I am in receipt of your beautiful album, Voyager, and will be adding your songs Once and The Seventh Chamber to the Heart Dance Radio Show.
Name: Francisco Manuel - Host of La Otra Orilla, Radio Despi (Spain)
Comments: Sound great!
Name: Alex Forbes - Billboard Charting Songwriter (Hayley Westenra, Cyndi Lauper & Taylor Dane) (USA)
Comments: You have a very pretty voice, with a nice texture and an emotional connection to what you're singing. Nice atmosphere, skillful songwriting and good musicianship.
Name: Steven Kent Murphy - Professor of Music, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis (USA)
Comments: Catherine Duc's Visions and Dreams is both refreshing and relaxing. Her ability to charm the cerebral senses is immediately evident in the first track of the album. Catherine's sound is surprisingly acoustic, although the music here is apparently inherently electronic. She's not afraid to sound human. Duc's music accompanies every day existence in many ways from meditation to entertaining friends. It's even great on long road trips.
Name: Richard - Behind The Mike Show (USA)
Comments: I am amazed at your skills as a writer and composer. Job well done. Keep up the fantastic work. I hear a lot of talent there.
Name: Vinny Ribas - CEO, Indie Connect (USA)
Comments: I absolutely love it! It is great music to have on while I am working late.
Name: Steve Murphy - Professor of Music, IUPUI, Indianapolis (USA)
Comments: Catherine Duc's Visions and Dreams is both refreshing and relaxing. Her ability to charm the cerebral senses is immediately evident in the the first track of the album. Catherine's sound is surprisingly acoustic, although the music here is apparently inherently electronic. She's not afraid to sound human. Duc's music accompanies every day existence in many ways from meditation to entertaining friends. It's even great on long road trips.
Name: Megan - Program Producer, Soundfront Underground Radio (USA)
Comments: A beautiful album.
Name: Craig - DJ, 3WAY FM (Australia)
Comments: I am very impressed.
Name: Liani Solari - Editor, Wellbeing Magazine (Australia)
Comments: I listened to your CD and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Name: Renee Gelpi - Host, Galaxy CBC Digital Radio Network (Canada)
Comments: Your music on Visions and Dreams is glorious. Excellent writing and arranging brings out exciting emotions. Loved it.
Name: Doug Cole - General Manager, KOCV 91.3FM, Odessa, Texas (USA)
Comments: Good stuff!
Name: John Ziegler - Program Director, KUMD 103.3FM, Duluth (USA)
Comments: Really nice record! One Autumn Day is the early favorite amongst staff.
Name: Arsenio Orteza - Music Reviewer, Times of Acadiana Newspaper (USA)
Comments: I received your disc, played it a lot, enjoyed it, and reviewed it.
Name: Miguel Angel Flores - DJ, Cadena Regional Murciana 103.2 FM (Spain)
Comments: From this moment we are promoting this marvellous project.
Name: Bill Binkelman - DJ, KFAI 90.3 FM, Minneapolis (USA)
Comments: Excellent work. Wonderfully smooth chill-out with lush melodies and infectious beats.
Name: DJ Ron Slomowicz - Dance/Electronic Music Guide, (USA)
Comments: Imagine Enigma exploring Celtic music and you might have an idea of Catherine's sound... a nice mix of ambient grooves, Celtic electronic and worldbeat.
Name: Bob Timm - World Music Guide, (USA)
Comments: (World Fusion Guide Pick) Ambient music with Celtic overtones.
Name: Unisong (USA)
Comments: (Review for Essence of Dreams) This theme is wonderful. Good sounds/texturing. I can hear it as music for television. It's dreamy, good job! Excellent title. Keeps you guessing. It has a metaphysical feeling to it.
Name: Tim Ritchie - Editor of Presentation & Production, ABC Radio National (Australia)
Comments: Haunting and uplifting at the same time, there's Gaelic elements and a hint of the Andes. The subtle mood swings always bring you back to a peaceful place.
Name: Dean Macy - A&R, Epilogue Records (USA)
Comments: Your music/orchestrations are beautifully done. It is always a pleasure to hear music performed and recorded well.
Name: Jennifer Warner - Dance Music Guide (USA)
Comments: Beautiful composition. Congratulations on winning the Philips competition!
Name: Sabrina Dawn Heiberg - DJ, CFRO 102.7FM, Vancouver (Canada)
Comments: I enjoyed your music, it was a pleasure to listen to.
Name: Alan Boyd - Rockus Ezine (Australia)
Comments: I liked what I heard and am looking forward to hearing more.
Name: Josie Criddle - Australian Jukebox Ezine (Australia)
Comments: You've done a superb job!
Name: Jenny Milich - DJ, Ozbox 107.3FM, Albury (Australia)
Comments: Congratulations on such an excellent result. So proud of you. Good luck and I am still spinning your CD on a regular basis. I like to aim at a mellow kind of music and it fits in beautifully with that theme.
Name: Kate Lalak - Philips (Australia)
Comments: Congratulations on being one of the winners of the Philips Competition. The standard of entrants was unbelievably high and so impressive. Full credit to you for being voted one of the best.
Name: Vic Sagerquist - Paramount Pictures, Hollywood (USA)
Comments: Very nice indeed. Good work.
Name: Chorus of Tribes - artist on Etherean Music label (UK)
Comments: The overall theme is very mellow and tranquil. The production is also very good.
Name: Jack Rooney - Director, Cyberfilms (USA)
Comments: I just wanted to encourage you to continue producing music; I like your sound; wonderful harmonics. Keep up the good work. I will pass along your link to others.
Name: Michiko & Chris - DJs, Shonan Beach FM (Japan)
Comments: We enjoy the album.
Name: Ronny Schober - Supervisor, Studio and Mastering Quality Control, Sony DADC (Austria)
Comments: I love your music. Keep going on with good work.
Name: Jennifer Kallen - DJ, KSER 90.7FM, Washington (USA)
Comments: I got your CD... adding it into rotation next week!


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