Below are descriptions of my songs. These provide a map to the places you'll come across on your aural journey. You are also free to explore each place at your leisure, and make your own special discoveries...
Links are displayed where free MP3 sample clips are available for listening (right click to download). All tracks are available in full length on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Singles & non-album tracks ~ Voyager (GRAMMY nominated) ~ Visions and Dreams


Remember When... (feat. Jonas Isacsson)

Genre: Nu 80s/Synthwave/Retrowave MP3: Amazon | Apple Music | Stream: Spotify
Nu 80s with melodic progressive house elements featuring Swedish guitarist, Jonas Isacsson (of Roxette's band).
Credits: Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound. Cover art by Jan Yrlund at Darkgrove Studios.

Z8phyR - Drop of a Dream (Daydream Remix)

Genre: Chillstep/Downtempo MP3: iTunes | Stream: Spotify
Chillsetep remix for Los Angeles electronic artist Z8phyR (Donovan Townes).
Credits: Original song written by Donovan Townes. Remixed by Catherine Duc.

Ben Hobbs - Blind to You (Till The Daylight Remix)

Genre: Chillstep/Downtempo Stream: YouTube
Chillstep remix for London singer/songwriter/producer Ben Hobbs.
Credits: Original song written by Benjamin Hobbs & Robert Wilcox. Remixed by Catherine Duc.

Ben Hobbs - Blind to You (Stargazing Remix)

Genre: Future Pop MP3: iTunes | Stream: Spotify
Future Pop remix for London singer/songwriter/producer Ben Hobbs.
Credits: Original song written by Benjamin Hobbs & Robert Wilcox. Remixed by Catherine Duc. Mastered by Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering. YouTube music clip credits: Olga Vels.

KSHMR - House of Cards (Bulletproof Remix)

Genre: EDM Stream: SoundCloud
Summer House remix for Los Angeles based DJ, KSHMR featuring vocalist Sidnie Tipton.
Credits: Original song written by Meron Ryan, Sidnie Tipton & KSHMR (Dharma Records/Spinnin' Records). Remixed by Catherine Duc.

XYLO - L.A. Love Song (OD Remix)

Genre: EDM Stream: SoundCloud
EDM remix for Los Angeles based electronic duo, XYLO.
Credits: Original song written by Chase Duddy, Paige Duddy & Lee Newell (Disruptor/Sony). Remixed by Catherine Duc.

Paloma Rush - Drive (Rush Hour Remix)

Genre: EDM MP3: iTunes | Stream: Spotify
Full song available on iTunes, Amazon and other music websites. Atmospheric EDM remix of the original song co-written by 2 time Emmy Award winner Lars Deutsch.
Credits: Original song written by Paloma Rush and Lars Deutsch. Remixed by Catherine Duc.

The Corrs - Intimacy (Infinite Remix)

Genre: Pop/Downtempo MP3: iTunes | Stream: Spotify
Downtempo remix with atmospheric and dreamy elements.
Credits: Original song performed by The Corrs on the album Talk on Corners (Warner Music UK). Written by Neil Giraldo, Rick Nowels and Billy Steinberg. Remixed by Catherine Duc.

Single Glance

Genre: Pop Rock MP3: iTunes | Stream: Spotify
This was recorded with my UK band and produced and mixed by Stuart Epps who worked with Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac.
Credits: Catherine Duc (music, lyrics, lead & backing vocals, keyboard), Stuart Epps (solo guitar, backing vocals, tambourine, mixing, mastering), Paul Hirsh (bass, acoustic guitar and electric guitars), Jonny Marter (drums), Juliet Rose Epps (backing vocals).

Single Glance instrumental (non-album track)

Genre: Pop Rock MP3: Full promo song
Instrumental version of my song Single Glance in the style of Fleetwood Mac. Mid-tempo guitar pop-rock with a classic sound.

The Bells of Birrarung (non-album track)

Genre: Contemporary Classical MP3: Full promo song
Short composition written for the Federation Bells - a set of 39 brass bells located at Birrarung Marr near Federation Square in Melbourne. Premiered on 12 June 2012. Video of the live version also available at YouTube.

Metamorphosis (non-album track)

Genre: Film Score MP3: Full promo song
Film underscore with moods ranging from dramatic to triumphant. Atmospheric textures blended with oboe, strings, brass and orchestral percussion. If you wish to commission original music for your productions, please contact me for a obligation-free quote.

Voices of The Deep (non-album track)

Genre: Ambient Pop MP3: Full promo song
Immerse yourself into the deep blue, and be surrounded with the ethereal sounds of whale songs mixed with dreamy synths, acoustic guitar and and an uplifting beat. This short piece was composed for the International Fund For Animal Welfare (, who provided the recordings of whales.

VOYAGER (GRAMMY nominated)

Owen's Boat

Genre: Celtic Electronica MP3: iTunes | Stream: Spotify
The new and the old meet as a traditional Gaelic song with fiddle and tin whistle combines with a atmospheric electronica arrangement and ambient vocalizes.

Inishowen Dawn

Genre: Celtic Downtempo MP3: iTunes | Stream: Spotify
Inspired by a trip to the Inishowen Peninsula in Northern Ireland, one of the most serene and beautiful places in the world. This song uses traditional Celtic instruments and Celtic influenced vocalizes.


Genre: Worldbeat MP3: iTunes | Stream: Spotify
The haunting strains of a Gypsy's fiddle and campfire in a forest clearing beckon you to experience the music and life at the village.

Mantra (feat. Natalia Christiana)

Genre: Worldbeat MP3: Sample
Sanskrit chants performed by Natalia Christiana.


Genre: Medieval Electronica MP3: Sample
Influenced by my large collection of Early Music, this combines Medieval instrumentation with dreamy textures and electronic elements and has a fantasy RPG feel in the style of The Elder Scrolls.


Genre: Chillout MP3: Sample
Inspired by a visit to the Caribbean islands.

Lhasa Lullaby

Genre: Worldbeat MP3: Sample
Traditional Tibetan instruments meet electronica elements.

Black Is The Colour

Genre: Celtic Ballad MP3: Sample
I first heard this traditional Celtic song on The Corr's 'Home' album and liked it so much, I wanted to do my own cover version.

The Seventh Chamber

Genre: Orchestral/Film Score MP3: Sample
Dark and lush orchestral composition with atmospheric and electronica elements. This was inspired by one of Edgar Allan Poe's writings.

Seallaibh Curraigh Eoghainn

Genre: Celtic Traditional MP3: Sample
A completely 'unplugged' recording with just vocals and acoustic guitar.

Essence of Dreams (Essential Dance Remix)

Genre: Worldbeat/Trance MP3: Sample
A more energetic, melodic trance version of the original song on the 'Visions and Dreams' album. I decided to remix one of my songs after hearing Enigma's remix album of their singles.


Album credits

Composition, keyboards, low whistle, tin whistle, bodhrán, vocals, sequencing, arrangements, production, photos: Catherine Duc
Additional musicians: Ian Cameron (violin, fiddle, madolin, acoustic & electic guitars), Natalia Christiana (vocals on Mantra), Kelly Hood (Uilleann pipes), Corbin Keep (cello)
Mastering engineer: Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood. Patricia's enginnering credits include John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Horner and Sheryl Crow.
Graphic designer: Jan Yrlund at Darkgrove Design
Label: MG Music. Distributor: The Orchard (Sony Music Entertainment)

Thanks to: All my friends, family and listeners for your support; Medwyn & Wendy Goodall at MG Music for making my long time dream a reality; Ian, Natalia, Kelly and Corbin for your amazing musicianship and inspiration; and Patricia Sullivan, engineer extraodinaire - it has been an honour to have your contribution to my album.


Essence of Dreams

Genre: Ambient Groove MP3: Full promo song
Your first glimpse of the land of Visions and Dreams begins here. Over the next ten songs, you will be taken to different exotic places which may only exist in your imagination and dreams. The mysterious sound of a shakuhachi flute calls to you, while a downtempo groove arises in the background. If you decide to enter, you'll discover more ethnic instruments including panflute, dulcimer, kalimba and taiko drums. These textures are combined with acoustic nylon guitar, strings, chimes, ambient female vocals, Gregorian choir and warm ambience.

Dancing in The Mist

Genre: Celtic Electronica MP3: Sample
Find out what lies beyond the mist... Traditional Celtic instruments including violin, tin whistle, harp and bodhran are fused with modern elements of atmospheric synths and electronic beats. Acoustic percussion, guitar, bass and lush strings provide the backing for this celebratory song to life.


Genre: Ambient Groove MP3: Sample
An air of intrigue calls as the sound of the grand hall clock strikes one... Follow a shakuhachi flute and ambient background vocals through shadowy corridors; where grand piano, acoustic guitar, dulcimer and chimes combine with dreamy textures, melodic bass and a mid-tempo ambient beat.

One Autumn Day

Genre: Celtic Pop MP3: Full promo song
One Autumn Day brings change and a chance to reminisce on your memories. Traditional Celtic instruments are fused with an introspective pop arrangement. This song features violin, tin whistle, harp and mandocello. Piano, bass, guitars, strings, a drum & bass influenced pop beat, and a touch of ambient background vocals and keyboard timbres develop the wistful mood.

Secret Sanctuary

Genre: Worldbeat MP3: Sample
Travel through a lush rainforest and discover your own Secret Sanctuary. Here, you can find rest and rejuvenation as you listen to panflute, Bolivian flute, acoustic guitar, South American percussion, and ethereal keyboard textures and vocals. In the background, the sounds of a peaceful river and the call of birds echo through the forest.

Heart of Andalucia

Genre: Classical Electronica MP3: Sample
Experience the romance and energy of this Spanish region as two guitars, flute and castanets combine against a backdrop of lush strings, airy textures and background vocals, and a beat pulsing the rhythm of life. Swept chimes and atmospheric sounds echo the richness of Andalucia's history.

Midsummer Twilight

Genre: Chillout MP3: Sample
Take some time to relax by the ocean on a warm Summer's evening. Flute, violin, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass are layered with crystalline keyboard sounds and a tranquil rhythm - an ideal soundtrack for your dreams, as you watch the gentle waves rolling into shore.


Genre: Ambient Groove MP3: Sample
A mysterious ambience and wisps of airy strings invite you to experience the exotic scent of Incense. You'll be taken through a labyrinth of rich instrumentation - ethnic flute, fiddle, dulcimer, guitar, atmospheric sounds, ambient vocals, and Arabian rhythms fused with a modern drum & bass beat.


Genre: Worldbeat MP3: Sample
Find yourself by a serene Rivulet, and discover the charm of the Orient with koto, shamisen, pipa, and temple gong. Flowing melodies of alto flute, violin and strings are layered with glistening keyboard textures over a mellow rhythm.

In The Light of Day

Genre: Celtic Orchestral MP3: Sample
You reach the final destination of your journey with a Celtic-flavoured orchestral composition. Violin, harp and flute melodies are layered with lush strings, French horns and orchestral percussion. I hope you have enjoyed your travels, and you are always welcome to return whenever you need to find a place for your Visions and Dreams. This song was awarded an Honourable Mention in the 2005 Unisong International Songwriting Contest.


Album credits

Composition, arrangements, production, ambient background vocals: Catherine Duc.
Mastering engineer: Toby Learmont, Sony Music Australia.

Thanks to: Toby and Wayne at Sony; Elise, Richard and the team at Media Technology; Adrielle, Evan and Tim at Cranbourne Music.



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